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Are you wondering what your best option is for getting extra money as soon as possible? Many residents throughout the Plano area need more money than they currently have available, and they often do not have time to save up the full amount of cash that is needed. There are many situations that may result in this scenario. For example, you may have recently been in a car accident. You may have had to take time off of work to recover, and this resulted in lost income. However, you still have your regular bills to pay, and you also have medical bills and a car insurance deductible to pay. This is just one of many situations that may result in you emptying your savings account and still needing to find even more extra cash.

In these and other similar situations, you may feel as though your have no financial solutions that are reasonable to you. However, you may still have one important asset up your sleeve that you could use. If your car is currently paid off and has value in it, our team at Naughton Lenders may approve you for a new title loan. Before you apply for our title loans Plano, it is important that you understand how they work and determine if this is a financing option that will benefit you

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At Naughton Lenders, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to get the cash that you need. After all, many of our clients who have been in a similar situation as you have already been stressed out by their life events. The last thing they want is to walk through a long, stressful loan application process. Your goal is to get your money as soon as possible so that you can get through this stage in your life, and we have designed a simplified loan process that helps you to do just that.

Before you spend a few minutes completing our loan application, take time to learn about our requirements for title loans Plano. To comply with legal requirements in Texas, we can only lend money to applicants who are at least 18 years old. Our auto title loans are short-term loans that are secured by the equity in your car. For this reason, you must hold title to your car personally so that you can legally pledge it as collateral. In addition, you should not have an existing car loan in place so that you have sufficient equity to pledge as collateral.

Many Plano residents like you who need extra money will be thrilled to learn that they meet our basic lending requirements. Because we do not have a minimum credit score requirement, we offer a financing solution for many local residents in need. To apply, you can choose to fill out the application through our website, or you can meet with one of our lending representatives in person during our regular business hours.


You may have heard about title loan companies throughout the state over the years, and you may be wondering why you should borrow money from Naughton Lenders rather than one of the other lenders in Texas. While many other lenders are located in Texas, we are your trusted and reputable title lender with an office in Plano. You may be hard-pressed to walk into the office of a title lender in West Texas or in the Rio Grande Valley, but you can easily stop by our office to meet with us personally because we are located only a few minutes away from you. Because of our convenient location, we can easily provide you with the individualized attention that you may desire when applying for a new loan. Because some of our clients like you may be new to title loans, you understandably may have a lot of questions that you need answered. We can answer them over the phone or in person at your convenience.

In addition to having a convenient office location in Plano close to your home, we also have a truly fast loan process. Our title loans Plano may be approved and funded within two days or less after you fill out the application. Imagine how great you may feel seeing money in your bank account tomorrow or the following day. This could be your reality when you apply for your loan through Naughton Lenders today.


How it works

Car title loans Plano may be unlike other loans that you have taken out in the past, so it is important that you understand more about them. All loan terms are customized based on the details that you provide in your loan application, but we always strive to offer competitive terms to our valued clients. When we provide you with your approved loan terms, you will notice that the loan due date will arrive within a couple of weeks. You may think that this is the first of many loan payments, but the reality is that this is the one and only loan payment that you will make. Our title loans Plano are short-term loans that only have one payment. Because the due date may approach quickly, update your personal budget accordingly. In between now and your due date, you can use the money as desired. This is money that can be used to help you overcome any situation that you are dealing with, to enjoy the finer things in life or to use in any other desired way.

Regardless of the current situation that you are dealing with, extra money could help you to smooth things over and reduce your stress level. Even if it feels as though there are no financial options available to you, there may still be hope. If you have not yet considered applying for a car title loan, you may be pleased to learn that our team at Naughton Lenders could be able to approve you for the loan that you need.